Discover the HERO in YOU.
Life changing self-defense, success strategies, and leadership systems for men, women, children – everyone. Be your own hero.
Do you know how to set your kids up for safety and success?
Kids' Courses
Your children will learn life changing self-defense, success strategies, and a leadership system in these self-defense classes for kids. They will learn to protect themselves from front, back and ground attacks while having fun and developing new friendships. Watch them build confidence, self-esteem, and lead others. Notice they appreciate you more and take personal responsibility. Watch them achieve any goal. Give them the success they deserve.
Kids Self-Defense Success System
Future Hero Karate & Self-Defense
Future Hero Success Camp
Want alone time guaranteed to make you feel awesome?
Women's Courses
Join high-energy workouts to improve your health and fitness. Learn about the 3 pillars of health or punch and kick your way to weight loss and strength. These workouts will build your muscle and improve your strength and stamina while burning fat. They’ll keep you focused on your body so you can leave your stresses behind for a total feeling of rejuvenation by the time you’re done.
Integrated Health And Vitality System
 Inner Hero Cardio Kickboxing
 Ultimate Health & Fitness Retreat
Want alone time guaranteed to make You feel awesome?
Cardio Kickboxing
Get away to fun, high-energy kickboxing-based workouts to your favourite music. Punch and kick to full-body workouts that will take you out of your head and put you into your body. These workouts will cause you to lose weight and build lean muscle while it strengthens, tones, and tightens your body. It will also build your endurance, stamina, and confidence, and relieve your stress. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and awesome.
 Weight Loss Cardio Kickboxing
 Inner Hero Cardio Kickboxing
 Ultimate Health & Fitness Retreat
Do you know how to protect yourself and your family?
Men's Courses
A complete self-defense, and leadership system. Learn to defend yourself and your family, using strikes, blocks, pressure points, throws, chokes, groundwork, weapons and more. Get stronger, more fit, and feel a sense of accomplishment. As your skills grow, so will your confidence, and your success. Earn a black belt with us and become the Hero your family looks up to using the best martial art and self-defense techniques.
 Self-Defense Success System
Budo Hero Karate & Self-Defense
 Platinum Inner Circle

See what others are saying

“I wanted to get back in shape after having a baby and the Inner Hero cardio kickboxing class was a perfect fit. Not only did I loose weight, but I'm getting more fit all the time. It helps me manage stress, gain greater mental health, and I've made great friends.”
A.J. Willan
Busy Mom & Kick-Ass Kickboxer
“Since my son joined, his character has grown for the better because of the ongoing encouragement and empowerment provided by the instructors. I highly-recommend this program.”
Mark Jones, PhD
Proud Father & Ecotech International Group Executive
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